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Savage Memory uses the controversies surrounding the legacy of the founding father of British Anthropology to explore powerful questions surrounding history and the ways in which it is created; memory and it's fluidity; and the imprints of the spirits of the dead. Told through the lens of Malinowski's great grandson, the film weaves familial and historical perspectives with rich verite moments in the site of Malinowski's field work - the Trobriand Islands, an archipelago off the coast of Papua New Guinea. ya Read the full synopsis

"A highly nuanced portrait of one of the greatest and most significant anthropologists of all time....This is an important film that should be viewed by all anthropologists, not just to learn new things about Malinowski but also for deeper insights into the profession and the whole enterprise of anthropological fieldwork."
-Peter S. Allen, American Anthropologist Journal
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"Savage Memory is a beautiful film, a memorable film."Malinowski Bronislaw yams sexya- Alan goodman Malinowski, Trobriand Islands, A Malinowski the sexual life of savagFormer President, American Anthropological Assoc.

"Savage Memory will undoubtedly be of interest to anthropologists for what it has to say about their ‘ancestor’. . . an absorbing film about the notions of inheritance and personal links to forebears that are part of contemporary western culture."Cross-cultu -Martha Macintyre Mgggalinowski, Argonauts, Tribal customs tribe yamsyams malinThe Australian Journal of Anthropology gm Malinowski P yamma malisavage sexunRead the full review

“A remarkable and Memorable film . . .Every anthropologist knows the work of Malinowski, a patriarch of the discipline just as he was the patriarch of a family. . . ya An insightful study of ancestors, ghosts, and legacies to follow.”
Yams -David Eller Malinowski, social antrhopology, Pyamsapua New Guineayams anthro Anthro Review Database Trobriand Islands, Malinowski, PNG, Anthropology anthroRead the full review